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The Kids Have Been Eating Crazy Waffers!


These Kids Have Been Eating Crazy Waffers!!
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Your Mod: Jana Lu w/ *NEW* (as in shiny..) Co-Mod: Conor (AKA- "Conor The Fox")(really now??..LOL) (Yes, but only for missions).
You can plainly see that this info page looks QUITE..like crap..
(*cough* quick note-this is not a rating community..no rating..ok? ok.)
So, I'll briefly explain the community, how it works..etc etc..and then you will know what you need to know, but understand that once I get my computer back from the shops, this will be a beautiful, sexilicious info page (though maybe a little strange..quite like it's viewers..)
This is..a picture community, where my sexilicious LJ friends can post their wonderful pictures, so you can see them and admire them as you see fit.If you would like to join,go right ahead, even if you're not an LJ friend..and then you can become one! Some of you have asked whether you can post art or not..OF COURSE you may..anything my darling little LJ amies would like to post can be posted..anything at all..unless it..
•offends a racial or ethic grouping..
•is offensive in the ways of grossness when it comes to nudity..(tasteful nudity..put it under an LJ cut..and tell us about it..so we're not like "hum hum hum..AH!"..it's not a good experience..not that I've ever lived it..)
•It can be..anything really-a picture of you, your cat..Aunt Sue, Your art (actually, this would be rather interesting..I encourage it greatly!), something you've bought and are excited about, something you bought and are rather not excited about, something you would like us to buy and feel one of the emotions above (both intentionally and not intentionally..)..You get the idea!! If it's a text only post..make it bloody interesting..or I'll harrass you a second time.
yep..so that's basically it for the rules regarding WHAT you can post..NOW, if someone has posted (god..I'm a ruling dictator..)
•please-keep your comments at least pleasant..or maybe just a little bit mean..if they are really mean (read-someone cries..creates drama..attempts to use a waffle iron as a crazy idea against themselves..) I will not be happy-this is not good. Not good at all..I will send the pigs after you:

•comment often! People love them!! It makes their day all happy sunshine!!
•if you are going to try to pick up one of these amies, please do not tell them (in detail) your fantasies about them-some of us are not single..and even more important, that is just plain wrong and disturbing, unless, you are say (a) kidding..(b) in the privacy of your own journal/email/bedroom..
So..I urge you to JOIN UP..because I know that you'll all amazingly sexified beings!..
Yes that is now..
Your Moderator...Jana, AKA, head macho poser number one, *WHO* only learned from the best posing artist in town-Co-Mod Conor, which is the absolute truth and we all know it no matter what a certain co-mod types in this space... (Heather smells).